There appears to be come confusion as the where Robert WHEATON actually originated, Was it from Wales? Or was it from England? The Report for Robert and his descendants, which can be accessed above left, includes the information which has been sent to me over the years as well as the conclusions I have reached in my own research.

Several people have been working extremely hard to identify Robert's place of birth. Some years ago David J WHEATON sent me a very comprehensive document which was the result of research carried out to consider which of the Robert WHEATONs born in the United Kingdom about 1605 could be the Robert who went to New England in the 1630s.  Although the conclusion reached was that the American Robert was born in England, unfortunately, there are so many missing records and changes of name it was impossible to come to a definite conclusion.

Kelly WHEATON has now produced a paper which again looks at the question of Robert's origins entitled

"Conjectures on the Origins of the Wheatons & Bowens of
Rehoboth Massachusetts & their likely Baptist Roots"

She has kindly suggested that her research can be included on this web site.  She has asked that the following information be included:

"This article is copyrighted by the author Kelly Wheaton. She grants permission for personal use with attribution. For any other use please contact the author at a4est42@gmail.com. I hope you find it helpful."

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17 May 2018