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PHILIP (1815-1863) and ANN JEFFERY
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JAMES WHEATON later WHITTON (bc 1808-1864) and Wives
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Except for William WHEATON any information about alterations to the above families will be found on the DEVON WHEATONS page. William's information in included with the HUNTINGDONSHIRE AND CAMBRIDGESHIRE WHEATONS

The ancestors of all the above can be found in families on other pages -
DEVON WHEATONS for all of them except William, who belongs to the HUNTINGDONSHIRE and CAMBRIDGESHIRE WHEATONS. Because of the need to save space, when you click on the above you will be taken to the larger family to which the people in the above boxes belong.

In the case of John and Ann Carter WHEATON, because there are three lines involved, they have been linked to JOHN (bc 1527-?) and JULYANN STRACHE on the DEVON WHEATONS page. The other families of which they are a part are listed below and these can also be accessed from the DEVON WHEATONS page.

Were you told that in the past people did not travel? Whoever said that had not heard of the DEVON
WHEATONS! In the mid-nineteenth century several families went to Australia. On one occasion more than one family were even travelling on the same boat.

In Australia they have settled and prospered. Their descendants have researched their family trees, have held family gatherings and have produced printed books telling the story of where the WHEATONs settled and how they lived in the early days of the country.

  • "JOHN (1819-1905) and ANN CARTER WHEATON"

Ancestors of John WHEATON are possibly Joseph (bc1701-?) and Elizabeth DAVY through their probable son Joseph (bc1730-1780) and his wife Elizabeth ASHFORD.  
Ancestors of Ann Carter WHEATON are John (bc1527-?) and Julyann STRACHE.

  • "NATHANIEL (1820-1849) and MARY BYNON HALEY"

Ancestors of Nathaniel are possibly Joseph (bc1701-?) and Elizabeth DAVY through their probable son John (bc1731-1805) and his wife Mary PRESTON

  • "THOMAS (1802-1844) and FRANCES DARE née BARTLETT"

Ancestors of Thomas WHEATON are Thomas WHEATON (bc 1702-before 1779) and Sarah GODFREY (1707-1779)

  • "PHILIP (1815-1863) and ANN JEFFERY"

Ancestors of Philip are possibly Joseph (bc1701-?) and Elizabeth DAVY through their probable son John (bc1731-1805) and his wife Mary PRESTON

  • "JAMES WHEATON, later WHITTON and his wives Ann CLARK and Bridget LEWIS

Ancestors of Thomas are William WHEATON (bc1716-1750) and Joanna HARE

And then of course, there were the convicts! We have one from Cambridgeshire, sentenced to be transported in 1852 to Western Australia. We know the name of the ship, the captain, and even the surgeon. We have a description obtained from the Western Australia Convicts Site. We know about his ticket of leave, and his pardon. But what happened to him after that? Despite searches by contacts in Australia he has disappeared. How do we find:

  • "WILLIAM WHEATON (1813-?)"

    Ancestors of William are "Thomas WHEATON (bc1700-1754 and Ann SPARROW" on the Huntingdonshire page. 
    A GEDCOM file is still available for this family.
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