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Included on my original DEVON WHEATONs page were the families of Thomas WHEATON and Jane HAMMET/HAMMOND, Nathaniel WHEATON and Grace SHORT and Thomas WHEATON and Mary SHEENER.

Through the diligence of a WHEATON descendant who has been carrying out research in the Devon Record Office the line of Thomas WHEATON and Jane HAMMET/HAMMOND  has been extended back to a Paul WHEATON from the Coldridge area of Devon born about 1572 ..... has been found that the Nathaniel who married Grace SHORT also belongs to this family.  So the three families became two, those of Paul WHEATON and Joanna SLEE and Thomas WHEATON and Mary SHEENER.

Then two Devon WHEATONs decided to join the WHEATON DNA project, one descended from Paul WHEATON and Joanne SLEE, the other from Thomas WHEATON and Mary SHEENER.  And their DNA match!  So, now all three families are combined into the one, that of Paul WHEATON and Joanne SLEE!

1 March 2014
And.....two WHEATONs, one a descendant of John and Mary PRESTON, and the other a descendant of Thomas and Sarah GODFREY have had their DNAs tested....and they match so they must have a common ancestor!  John's father was a Joseph born about 1702 and Thomas was born about 1702.  They could be brothers or cousins.
Joseph gave Sidbury as his place of residence in 1726 when he married in Exeter and Thomas gave Sidbury as his residence in 1728 when he married in Salcombe. Unfortunately I don’t have any information to link the two together.....if you have any details which would help please contact me.


But why am I interested in Devon WHEATONs when "mine" come from Huntingdonshire?  You will remember that for thirty years I had "lost" my Thomas WHEATON born about 1700 so you will realise that I followed any possible, or impossible, lead!

In my WHEATON family there are many Philips, and quite a few Josephs. Now, you must admit that "Philip" plus "WHEATON" is not really a very common name. So, when I saw on the International Genealogical Index (IGI) that there there was quite a number of Philips in Devon (and Josephs as well), I was interested. Then I found that the 1881 Census Index indicated that approximately two thirds of the WHEATONs living in England and Wales at this date were ... in Devon. And, of the three families living in Northumberland in 1881, two originated ... in Devon whilst the Channel Islands family, and the ones from Wales, also originated in Devon.   So, I decided to see if I could find my Thomas ... in Devon.  

(In 1901 about 33% of the WHEATONs lived in the counties of Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and Devon - the West Country.  There was about 15% in London and only 6% in Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire where in 1881 there had been about 30%)

I started, very slowly, to collect details for WHEATONs from this area of England, and then I was put in touch with someone who had been researching the name WHEATON in Devon for many years. It was not even his family, but he had a considerable amount of information which he generously shared with me.

There is still much to do before the various Devon families are all joined together but details are included here for several of them. We are still working on collecting and sorting information and several family groupings are still in the provisional stage. In addition to these families there is much information available on individuals and small family groups which have not yet been linked into a larger family tree, and is not included on this site.

If your WHEATONs came from Devon, it is likely that I have some information about them. On the other hand, your immediate WHEATON ancestors might come from Lancashire or Yorkshire, London, Surrey or Middlesex, Bedfordshire or Glamorganshire, Kent, or Hampshire, perhaps from the Channel Islands, or even Wales or Scotland....... But what about the earlier generations? It is possible that they could have come from Devon as I have details of families in all the above-mentioned counties, and others, who can trace their origins back to ancestors who lived in Devon.

We also believe that the Robert WHEATON who went to America in about 1630 and married Alice BOWEN originated in Devon.  And we know that Thomas WHEATON/WHEADON/WHEDON was born "in the vicinity of Axminster" in about 1635.  (See AMERICAN WHEATON page for family trees).  Another two reasons for collecting details of DEVON WHEATONS And we hope that the WHEATON DNA PROJECT will help us determine whether these two men are related!  A descendant of one of the DEVON WHEATON families who now lives in Australia has shared his DNA profile, and it matches that of the Thomas WHEATON/WHEADON/WHEDON who was born "in the vicinity of Axminster" in about 1635.....very exciting news! Much more up-to-date information on Kelly WHEATON'S WHEATON DNA web site - see the DNA page on this web site for more details.

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17 May 2018