On 27 December 2012 a contact from America provided details for descendants of Henry (Philip Sebastian Lyman) WHEATON and Anna Sophia HERD
However, if your WHEATONs come from somewhere other than Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, Northumberland, Devon, America, Australia or Canada I would still like to hear from you. I do have some records for WHEATONs in other counties and countries.  For example, this family in BEDFORDSHIRE, which was actually three separate families when I originally set up the web site.

Information from the IGI, the Civil Registration Index, Wills, and information sent by a WHEATON researcher was used, to amalgamate the three BEDFORDSHIRE families.  There is still more to be done!

Problems with names (how unusual!)
Henry Philip Sebastian WHEATON married in 1881 at 26 years of age, so born 1855, father John Alfred Sebastian WHEATON, Builder.  From the 1881 Census Henry was born in Bedford.
We have no birth information which matches this.
However, we have a John Alfred WHEATON, Builder's Labourer who had a son Harry in Bedford in 1855.  We believe Henry Philip Sebastian WHEATON was the same person as Harry WHEATON
......unless someone comes up with some other information?!

Since writing the above I have received a considerable amount of information from a descendant, but there are still many unanswered question so help still needed

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17 May 2018