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[DACIEY, Kallum ] - [DUDDINGTON, William Haydn ]
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DACIEY, Kallum (b. Private)
DAHISTRAND, Whitney (b. Private)
DALE, June Cynthia (b. 26 JUN 1941 - d. DEC 1998)
DAMIAN, Romana (b. Private)
DANIELLS, Arthur William Trevor (b. 29 APR 1907 - d. BET OCT AND DEC 1958)
DANIELLS, Karl John (b. Private)
DANIELLS, Keith John (b. Private)
DANIELLS, Malcolm T (b. Private)
DANIELLS, Paul Simon (b. Private)
DANIELS, Fannie Gertrude (b. BET OCT AND DEC 1889 - d. BET OCT AND DEC 1942)
DARBY, Charles Joseph Henry (b. BET APR AND JUN 1898 - d. 27 AUG 1918)
DARBY, Florence Emma (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1894 - d. UNKNOWN)
DARBY, Harold John (b. 28 OCT 1900 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1971)
DARBY, John Charles (b. BET APR AND JUN 1870 - d. 25 SEP 1950)
DARBY, Mabel Lilian (b. BET OCT AND DEC 1899 - d. BET OCT AND DEC 1956)
DARBY, May Elizabeth (b. BET APR AND JUN 1892 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1958)
DARE, Ed (b. ABT 1843 - d. UNKNOWN)
DARLING, Ian J (b. Private)
DARLING, Rachal Lindsay (b. Private)
DARLING, Thomas Matthew (b. Private)
DARWENT, Joseph W (b. BET APR AND JUN 1903 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1965)
DAUHERTY, Donna J (b. Private)
DAULBY, Daniel K (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1890 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1965)
DAUM, Vickie Lynn JENKENS née (b. Private)
DAVENPORT, Ada (b. Private)
DAVENPORT, Emily (b. Private)
DAVENPORT, Evelyn (b. 10 MAR 1912 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVENPORT, Henry (b. 11 APR 1892 - d. 1982)
DAVEY, Mary Elizabeth (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1848 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1929)
DAVIES, Caroline (b. BET 1881 AND 1883 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIES, David Cousins (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1873 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1908)
DAVIES, Gillian R (b. Private)
DAVIES, James (b. Private)
DAVIES, James Ernest (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1885 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIES, James II (b. Private)
DAVIES, John Thomas (b. Private)
DAVIES, John William (b. BET APR AND JUN 1890 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIES, Linda A (b. Private)
DAVIES, Linda Gabrielle (b. Private)
DAVIES, Marie Jeanette (b. 3 JAN 1918 - d. 1 NOV 2002)
DAVIES, Mark Allan (b. Private)
DAVIES, Martha Ann (b. ABT 1876 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1948)
DAVIES, Mary E (b. Private)
DAVIES, Mary Elizabeth (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1893 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIES, Richard (b. ABT 1852 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1904)
DAVIES, Richard Henry (b. 11 NOV 1887 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1974)
DAVIES, Thomas (b. ABT 1877 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIES, Walter (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1872 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIES, William S (b. ABT 1918 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Albert Edmund (b. 24 JAN 1876 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1922)
DAVIS, Albert John (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1912 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Albert William (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1895 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Alexander G (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1914 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Alice Maud Mary Victoria (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1887 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Ann M (b. Private)
DAVIS, Archibald (Archie) George (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1895 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Archibald Arthur S (b. 17 OCT 1907 - d. 1980)
DAVIS, Arthur E (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1914 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Arthur Henry (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1883 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Audrey G (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1926 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Brian J (b. Private)
DAVIS, Carolyn M (b. Private)
DAVIS, Charles Frederick V (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1890 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Clifford Leopold (b. BET APR AND JUN 1895 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Doris (b. ABT 1908 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Doris Marie R (b. 2 FEB 1917 - d. APR 1994)
DAVIS, Dorothea M M (b. BET OCT AND DEC 1918 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Earnest John (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1878 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Edward John (b. ABT 1849 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1916)
DAVIS, Edward William Bradley (William Bartlett) (b. BET APR AND JUN 1872 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Edwin R (b. BET APR AND JUN 1915 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Eileen Agnes (b. 13 NOV 1907 - d. 1983)
DAVIS, Elizabeth A (b. Private)
DAVIS, Elizabeth Alice (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1909 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Ernest Claude E (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1908 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Florence C (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1920 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Frances Mary M (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1909 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Frank Randolph (b. BET OCT AND DEC 1885 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1910)
DAVIS, Frederick (b. ABT 1903 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, G Edmund (b. Private)
DAVIS, George E (b. BET APR AND JUN 1913 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, George Nicholas (b. BET APR AND JUN 1874 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Gertrude M (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1929 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Henry Fa? (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1923 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Jean M (b. Private)
DAVIS, John E (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1920 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, John M (b. Private)
DAVIS, Kathleen J (b. Private)
DAVIS, Kathleen P (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1911 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Leslie Charles V (b. 22 APR 1913 - d. AUG 1998)
Davis, Maud (Maudie) (b. ABT 1900 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Maud UNKNOWN wife of Earnest John (b. ABT 1879 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Nora Doreen (b. 30 JUL 1916 - d. MAR 1992)
DAVIS, Raymond Frank W (b. 8 AUG 1910 - d. FEB 1996)
DAVIS, Reginald (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1917 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Reginald Arthur (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1896 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Reginald Clifford E (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1909 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1911)
DAVIS, Todd O (b. Private)
DAVIS, Vera M (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1922 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Walter John (b. 20 FEB 1912 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1977)
DAVIS, Walter Sealey (b. BET APR AND JUN 1881 - d. UNKNOWN)
DAVIS, Yvonne (b. Private)
DAWLING, Elizabeth (b. ABT 1850 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1878)
DAWN, Nora (b. Private)
DAWSON, Errington Arkley "Ted" (b. BET APR AND JUN 1863 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1944)
DAWSON, Errington Reginald (b. 26 OCT 1908 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1982)
DAWSON, Henry E (b. ABT 1911 - d. BEF AUG 1966)
DAWSON, John (b. Private)
DAWSON, Norah (b. Private)
DAWSON, Richard H (b. Private)
DAY, Arthur Edward (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1902 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1958)
DAY, Sylvia M (b. Private)
De FRAINE, Fanny Maria (b. ABT 1848 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1935)
DEAN, Curtis Richard (b. Private)
DEAN, Ellen S (b. ABT 1893 - d. 1967)
DEAN, Gary William (b. Private)
DEAN, Marc Daniel (b. Private)
DEAN, Marjorie (b. 21 JUN 1910 - d. 1982)
DEAN, Thomas (b. ABT 1872 - d. UNKNOWN)
DEAR, Clara (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1868 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1905)
DEAR, Fanny (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1866 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1944)
DEAVER, Hubert Dwayne (b. Private)
DEAVER, Leigh Ara (b. Private)
DEAVER, Linda Jo (b. Private)
DEBENHAM, Peter (b. 7 NOV 1938 - d. JAN 1997)
DECKER, Ronald Warren (b. Private)
DEEKS, Frederick Charles (b. 19 JUL 1929 - d. SEP 1993)
DEFEW, William (b. ABT 1791 - d. UNKNOWN)
DEHN, Charles L (b. ABT 1870 - d. UNKNOWN)
DEHN, Lura (b. ABT 1906 - d. UNKNOWN)
DEMUTH, Sherry (b. Private)
DENHARD, Gertrude Evelyn A "Alice" (b. 1870 - d. UNKNOWN)
DENNER, Ann C (b. Private)
DENNER, Emma V (b. Private)
DENNER, Jacqueline S (b. Private)
DENNER, Mary C (b. Private)
DENNER, Patricia (b. Private)
DENNER, Patrick E J (b. ABT 1902 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1949)
DENYER, Frederick John (b. 8 NOV 1939 - d. BET APR AND JUN 1981)
DENYER, Sheryl Jane (b. Private)
DeSILVA, Dinelli I (b. Private)
DEUCHAR, Patricia A (b. Private)
Di MARCO, Valentina (b. Private)
DIAMOND, Amanda Jane (b. Private)
DICK, Karen (b. Private)
DICKERSON, Hannah or Ann DAVIS née (b. 21 DEC 1820 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1901)
DILLEY, Eliza Ann (b. ABT 1859 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1929)
DINGMAN, Cindy Gail (b. Private)
DIXON, Eli Nathaniel (b. ABT 1839 - d. UNKNOWN)
DIXON, Elsie I (b. ABT 1908 - d. UNKNOWN)
DIXON, Frank Newman (b. 7 JAN 1871 - d. UNKNOWN)
DIXON, Mabel Janette Alice (b. BET JAN AND MAR 1874 - d. UNKNOWN)
DIXON, Nathaneal Benjamin Henry (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1869 - d. BEF 1871)
DIXON, Nathaniel Benjamin Henry (b. BET APR AND JUN 1872 - d. UNKNOWN)
DOBBINS, Ann Elaine (b. Private)
DOBBINS, Cynthia Lynn (b. Private)
DOBBINS, Karen Elizabeth (b. Private)
DOBBINS, Kathleen Ellen (b. Private)
DOBBINS, Kevin William (b. Private)
DOBBINS, Langford W (b. Private)
DOBBINS, Lisa Marie (b. Private)
DOBSON, Anne (b. Private)
DOBSON, Doris Maud (b. 27 APR 1906 - d. MAR 1993)
DOCKERILL, Eliza (b. 9 JAN 1819 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1890)
DOCKNEY, John William (b. ABT 1868 - d. BET OCT AND DEC 1925)
DODD, Albert C J (b. ABT 1903 - d. UNKNOWN)
DOE, Hilda (b. 9 APR 1898 - d. 1981)
DOEL, Kay (b. Private)
DOMINEY, Eva Rose (b. 4 FEB 1910 - d. UNKNOWN)
DONCASTER, Henry (b. ABT 1769 - d. UNKNOWN)
DONOHOO, Kalee Kristine (b. Private)
DONOHOO, Scott (b. Private)
DONOVAN, Kathleen J (b. Private)
DORE, Terrence (b. ABT 1913 - d. UNKNOWN)
DOTY, Mable J (b. 1910 - d. UNKNOWN)
DOTY, Marjorie "Margie" T (b. ABT 1912 - d. UNKNOWN)
DOTY, Roger M (b. ABT 1870 - d. BET 1920 AND 1930)
DOUCH, Lesley-Ann (b. Private)
DOUGALL, Laura Hellen (b. BET APR AND JUN 1863 - d. UNKNOWN)
DOUGLAS, Adelaide (b. 29 MAY 1890 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1975)
DOUGLAS, Gwendoline I M (b. 24 JUN 1906 - d. 1978)
DOVE, Susan C (b. Private)
DOWDELL, Sharon WALKER née (b. Private)
DOWNHAM, Sophia (b. ABT 1859 - d. BET JUL AND SEP 1927)
DOYE, Enid A (b. Private)
DOYE, William (b. ABT 1920 - d. UNKNOWN)
DRAKE, Charles Robert (b. 17 APR 1890 - d. 13 JUL 1985)
DRAKE, Mary Lynn (b. Private)
DRAKE, Richard Francis (b. 12 JUL 1897 - d. BET OCT AND DEC 1973)
DREW, Jean R (b. Private)
DRINKWATER, John Edwin (b. BET APR AND JUN 1877 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1966)
DRURY, Margo (b. Private)
DUCK, Eleanor Rose (b. Private)
DUCK, Graeme Neil (b. Private)
DUCK, Sarah Ellen (b. Private)
DUCK, William Frederick G (b. Private)
DUDDINGTON, Phyllis I (b. Private)
DUDDINGTON, Sylvia V (b. Private)
DUDDINGTON, William Haydn (b. BET JUL AND SEP 1889 - d. BET JAN AND MAR 1968)

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