25 June 2014
My grandson had a guitar exam and the examiner was a WHEATON; there was no time to ask him anything which was a shame!  On searching my records I found he was a member of one of my "unattached families". 

That was Saturday....on the following Monday I received a message from someone with WHEATONs in Glamorganshire and Berkshire/Buckinghamshire, the same counties as those in the guitar examiner's family.  I asked the new contact for help with my "unattached" family; his reply came this morning, Wednesday, and the "unattached" family are no longer "unattached"!  The WHEATON who I could not find a family for (grandfather of the guitar examiner) is the Uncle of the contact who wrote to me on Monday!  All solved within three days!

When I set this page up there were 65 UNATTACHED families. This was reduced to 3 because WHEATON researchers contacted me and sent me information! Therefore, I have been able to link in 62 small groups into the larger families. GREAT!!  I want to get rid of them all! So, PLEASE write to me if you are a WHEATON!

Given that we have now found my husband has a DNA match to the WETTONs of Staffordshire I am particularly interested in finding ancestors for the Isaac WHEATON 1809-1885 as although born in Cheshire he spent much of his life in Staffordshire.

Making the Links

I have managed to link into family groups about 85% of the individuals who appear in the Civil Registration Indexes for Births, Marriages and Deaths.  

Why have I not been able to attach the others to one of the family groups included on other pages of this web site?

Without searching parish registers, the possibility of making family groups from the Registration Indexes depends on three sources of information:
1) Family details in Census Returns;
2) The name of the mother being included in the Birth Index; and
3) The name of the spouse being included in the Marriage Index.  There are restrictions on the availability of such information because:
  • Census Returns are available from 1841 but only up to 1911
  • The inclusion of the name of the mother in the Birth Index did not begin until September 1911
  • The inclusion of the name of the spouse in the Marriage Index did not begin until in March 1912
  • Many modern day couples do not marry 
Before 2009 this meant that there was a period from 1901 to 1911/1912 when, just by using the sources mentioned here, it was impossible to identify the parents of the children born between these years. However, since the beginning of 2009 the 1911 census has been available on line.  Therefore, some of my individual unattacheds have been found a family.  Still many more to find. 

This is because as many modern day couples live together as partners there are no marriage entries showing a spouse's name. Birth entries can be linked together under the name of the mother, but without a spouse's (or partner's) name it is impossible to link the birth entries into families.  This means that from about the 1960s, using just the Civil Registration Indexes, the fathers of many children cannot be identified.

Some of these "UNATTACHED WHEATONS" are to be found on the following page. But I emphasize - only SOME of these individuals are included here and I have tried to include only those WHEATONs who are no longer alive.  

If your find yourself, or your ancestors here, and you know the names of the WHEATON in the previous generation to that which is shown on this site, if you are prepared to share your information, I should be very grateful if you could contact me.  I probably have the person concerned on my database, but because of the problems mentioned above - your family is at present - "unattached".
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