Thomas WHEATON’s date and place of birth are unknown. He was a shepherd and his first marriage, on the 13th May 1726 in Hilton, Huntingdonshire, was to Ann SPARROW who came from a family who were very prominent in Hilton. The marriage licence gives his name as WHEATON but in the marriage register the entry is for a Thomas WHEATLEY. One month before the marriage took place, on the 10th April 1726, Thomas and Ann WHEATLEY had baptised a daughter Anne in the same church. In 1729 Richard SPARROW died and left property to his granddaughter, naming her in his Will as "Ann WHEATON, wife of Thomas WHEATON". However, in the years 1730 and 1732 the entries for the baptism of their daughter Elizabeth (26th March 1730), for the burial of a son William (17th August 1732) and the baptism of another William (3rd December 1732) all show the name once more as WHEATLEY.

Ann WHEATLEY (née SPARROW) was buried in Hilton on the 27th October 1734 and Thomas WHEATLEY was left for the next twelve years to bring up his three children aged 8, 4 and 2 at the time of their mother’s death. On the 28th April 1746 he married for the second time, again as Thomas WHEATLEY, this time his bride being an Elizabeth HAROP. Both died in 1754 the entries in the burial register on the 3rd and 5th September for Thomas and Elizabeth respectively, give their name as WHEATON. The Will of Thomas was also written giving the name as WHEATON.

William WHEATON was baptised as WHEATLEY on the 3rd December 1732 in Hilton, Huntingdonshire. However, in 1754 he was left property as William WHEATON in his father’s Will, and he used this name when he married first Mary MACKNESS at Woodhurst, Huntingdonshire in 1758 (with a surviving son Thomas baptised in 1761), and then Elizabeth WHITTLESEY at Woodhurst, Huntingdonshire on the 24th June 1761. William and Elizabeth moved from Woodhurst, via Houghton in Cambridgeshire to Somersham. They had eight children: William (1762-1836), John (1767-1799), Robert (1769-1769), Elizabeth (1770- ), Robert (1772-1850), Ann (1774- ), Philip (1777-1853) and Mary (1780-1780). William was only 48 years old when he was buried on the 18th May 1780, three months after the birth of his daughter Mary. His wife Elizabeth WHEATON (née WHITTLESEY) survived him for another twenty years, being buried at the age of 62 in Somersham.......


William WHEATON, the second with that name, was baptised on the 24th June 1762 in Woodhurst, Huntingdonshire where his parents had married the year before. The family had moved to Houghton, Cambridgeshire by 1767 and then to Somersham two years later where William lived for the rest of his life. In 1784, on the 19th October, he married Rebecca CHURCH who was to be buried only two years later on the 17th December. Within eleven months, on the 7th November 1787, William married again to Ann GUNTON. Their children were: William (1789-1872), Thomas (1791-1836), Robert (1792-1871), Elizabeth (1794-before 1841), Joseph (1797-1870), Ann (1798-1851), Mary (1803-1889), Philip (1807-1832) and Phoebe (1806-1880). Several members of the WHEATON family were Butchers. In this particular family group the father, William, and his three older sons all worked either in Somersham or Bluntisham as Butchers, or had occupations connected with the business. Ann WHEATON (née GUNTON) lived another seven years after the death of her husband and was buried on the 5th March 1843.

Thomas WHEATON was the second son of William and Ann and was baptised on the 20th March 1791 in Somersham, Huntingdonshire. The banns for his marriage to Mary SEEKINGS were called in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire and the marriage took place on the 10th October 1811 in Somersham. There were six children: Robert (1813-1867), John (1815-1888), Hannah (1818-1820), William (?1822-1887), Ann (?1825-1907 ) and Hannah (1830-1865). It is probable that the family became involved in the Non-conformist movement, which was very strong in the area in the early nineteenth century for we have not found the baptisms of William and Ann in about 1822 and 1825 respectively. Thomas began his working life as a Butcher, but towards the end of his life, for some periods, he was dependent on the parish for relief whilst at other times he was working as a Labourer. It is likely that his health caused difficulties as he was buried on the 6th November 1836 aged 40 years. His widow, Mary WHEATON (née SEEKINGS) worked as a Washerwoman to support her children and died on the 8th October 1872 at the age of 85 years.

William WHEATON, probably born in 1822 in Somersham, Huntingdonshire had a variety of occupations which besides that of Agricultural Labourer (and similar occupations) included that of "Excavator of Rivers and Drains", an important task in a fenland area. He married Ann ASPINALL in Somersham on the 24th June 1844 and their family consisted of: Jane (1845-1904 ), Thomas (1847-1851), Eliezer (1849-1854), Emma (1852-1854), Thomas (1854-1931), Henry (1857-1924), William (1859-1926), John (1861-1915), Phillip (1863-1948) and Eliza (1865-1907). William died on the 25th March 1887, his widow, Ann WHEATON (née ASPINALL) living until the 11th July 1900.

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