My husband had his DNA tested....he is not a WHEATON from Devon as I had thought, but instead a WETTON from Staffordshire!
Much disappointment!
HOWEVER....I have long been in contact with a family in America which has roots in the same counties of England where my husband's WHEATONs originated.  We have never been able to find a paper trail to prove there was a connection.  I had a theory and was able to list a number of reasons why the earliest English ancestor of this American family should be included in my husband's WHEATON family tree, but as I say, no proof.

Recently, one of the male WHEATONs in this American line had his DNA tested.  And it matches that of my husband!  So, although they are WETTONs.....they are related and it looks as if the American family's English ancestor does belong on my husband's tree suggesting my theory was correct!

And more excitement....A WHEATON in the other family which went to America has had his DNA tested - and his DNA matches that of my husband and of the above mentioned American WHEATON. 

Following that, two DEVON WHEATONs found their DNA matched and so two of my original families have been linked together. 


On the 7th February 2011 Kelly WHEATON from California, with whom I have been in contact for several years, formed a WHEATON/WHEADON Family Group for the collection of DNA results.

That was the beginning of a very busy few weeks!  Since then Kelly has worked extremely hard trying to explain DNA testing to me, she has surfed the internet gathering information and she has spent much time analysing the WHEATON DNA profiles which have already been posted on various web sites.  She has also set up her own web site and one for World Families, which between them explain about the project and about the tests.  So far there are fortyfour DNA profiles available on the results chart, whilst other WHEATONs are awaiting the results of their tests.

Aims of the project include:
o   trying to find out if Robert WHEATON (bc 1606) who died Rehoboth, Massachusetts originated in Devon.
o   trying to ascertain if there is any connection between this Robert and Thomas WHEDON/WHEATON bc 1635 near Axminster in Devon, both men emigrated to America in the 1600s.
o   trying to connect the many American WHEATON lines back to one or other of these two Patriarchs
o   trying to link the many Devon WHEATON families back to one Patriarch.
o   trying to trace Australian WHEATON families back to a single Devon Patriarch.
o   and far as I am concerned, trying to discover where my Huntingdonshire Thomas (bc1700) WHEATON/WETTON was born!
o   and during the past year Kelly has been taking the search to much deeper levels, read her web site to find out more.

All those WHEATON researchers whose families appear in my web site have been contacted asking them if they would be interested in taking part in the WHEATON/WHEADON Family Group, but out of the 306 messages sent over 80 were returned due to e-mail addresses no longer functioning.

o  if you have sent information and not had a message from me on this subject, please do contact me
o  if you are a male WHEATON, or have contact with a male WHEATON, we would be delighted if you would consider becoming part of this project.  Below is the link to Kelly's web site which contains a wealth of information about DNA, reports about the project and where you will find details of how to order a test kit, and the costs.


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17 May 2018